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Monday, July 14, 2008

Pfew, it's been a long time!

I've been soooo busy that I couldn't find any spare time to update this blog. All the time that I spent outside of the office was dedicated to exercising, to DBF (since we celebrated our 7th anniversary on July 8th... YAY!!!) or to scrap. Here are my latest LOs:
For TBLDS, week #2:

For SSD’s Recipe #38, TDC’s Style 101 #20 and TBLDS week 2.

Black pp by Leah Riordan (Oooh Lala!),
Eva Kipler’s Chalking the Way @ SSD," target="_blank" class="bb-url">folded paper template by Karah Fredricks @ TDC,
Michelle Coleman’s Stamped alpha,
Font is Courtney Dorkling,
Pic free from internet.

Week #3:

For SSD’s Spin-A-Lift, TDC’s Style 101 #21 and TBLDS week 2. I spin-a-lifted Gracielou’s Our Story

Journaling reads: “I think I’m doing ok this round. Not great, not terrible, or maybe both of them depending on the day. I’m still highly motivated and excited by this journey, and that’s a great point! I’m proud of myself too, because I accomplished much more than what I thought I would be able to do. I especially faced the stress of my life without turning (too much) to food for comfort, and that a great improvement! I’ve been losing 300 and 400 grams per week so far. That’s not as much as I would like to lose, but it’s already good considering the circumstances and my weight loss history. I hope that I will be able to keep the momentum and get to a healthy BMI by the end of the round, and then start to try to conceive with a healthy body, a body ready to welcome a baby!”

Eva Kipler’s Life is a Journey @ SSD,
Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC
Fonts are Darcy Baldwin's DJB Chloé @ TDC and Gill sans MT

I also created 2 other LOs:

For SSD’s Shutterbug Shakedown and TDC’s Anything Goes.

Journaling reads: “This song by Carl Douglas almost drove me crazy. I had to take pix at a martial arts show, and I had the song in my head for 2 days afterwards... Argh!!”

Eva Kipler’s Wild Blueberry @ SSD,
template by Rachael Giallongo,
stamped alpha by Valerie Fowler,
Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC,
fonts are Highland Perk and More Than Enough.

And finally a LO featuring those adorable pix of my friends' little girl Amandine:

For SSD’s SWTSB #36 and Color Confectionary challenges and TDC’s Scraplift challenge. I scraplifted Valerie’s 4th of July Food LO.

Tamra Burwick’s Kokomo @ TDC,
Distressed Paint Stroke Brushes by Victoria’s {chirpi} Designs @,
Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC,
fonts are Wendy Sue and Wasted Collection.


Rachael said...

Awesome layouts, girl!