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Monday, June 1, 2009

My camera is back!!!

Since I broke my camera back in january, only 3 weeks after getting it as my birthday-christmas present, I lived without any camera available... For a photo-addict like me, it's quite something, let me tell you!

Well, last week I finally gave up and ordered a new lense. I got a great deal online and my new toy arrived during my business trip. I was so excited to finally have my own camera at home!! I'm back on track with project 365: here are my pix since tuesday:

Tuesday May 26th: First self portrait with my new lense... the pic is ugly, but it's the model's fault, not the camera's! LOL

Wednesday May 27th: DBF already getting tired to have his photo taken!

Thursday, May 28th: DBF is sick

Friday 29th: I slept in!!! YAY!!!!

Saturday May 30th: I went to a "what to do in case of emergency" course (sorry, don't know how to say it in english), very interesting and helpful, hopefully I'll never have to apply what I learned!

Sunday May 31st: we went to my SIL to celebrate BIL's birthday, and she made this yummy tiramisù... too bad I'm allergic to strawberries!


Chris said...

That first aid class you took is called CPR. Cardio Pulmanary Resusitation. Does that help?


Chris said...

Great pics. In America we call that rescue class, CPR, Cardio Pulmanary Resusetation. I took it too. Was a requirement as part of my college degree. Would have loved the dessert.