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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Falling off the wagon... or the horse... or whatever the heck it is!

Well, this weekend didn't go as well as planned. I had absolutely ZERO motivation to accomplish the things I wanted to do. The beginning of this week wasn't much better. I had some not-so-good news on monday morning about our infertility treatement, and feeling sad and helpless about that didn't help my motivation for other things.

Anyway, time to wipe the dust off my knees and get back on the saddle! (BTW, that reminds me that I'd LOVE to ride a horse sometime again! LOL) Tonight I took my friend Anne-Sophie's kids for a walk with my doggie. I was really happy because her 7 years old son was always afraid of Kira but he overcame his fear and was able to take the walk with us today. Still not very comfortable, especially when the dog wasn't on the leash, but still, he didn't run away crying as he used to. This victory and the fact that we spent part of the evening with those kids makes me want to do something again, it re-energizes me.

I won't have much time tomorrow (wednesday) evening because DBF's aunt celebrates her birthday, and I have another exam for our treatement on Thursday morning (not as early as the two previous ones, luckily!) so, instead of trying to do too much and not succeed in anything, I'll focus on getting the house back in shape before the cleaning lady comes on Thursday afternoon. I'll have 2 lunch breaks (tomorrow's and Thursday's) and one evening to do it, which is completely manageable if I start tomorrow already. I'll get back to a more intensive work afterwards, especially if I can finally have some answers about our treatement. Not knowing what to expect is always bad for my mood, my motivation and because I can't plan much I usually don't even try to!

Take care!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Exactly, the not knowing is the worst!

How did it go?