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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lent... my way

I'm not a religious person, and even though DBF was raised catholic he doesn't believe in this religion (or any, for that matter) anymore. All that to say: we don't follow the catholic events and rituals.

Yet, las week, I was thinking about was Lent means. For most people here, it's a time when they deprive themselves of something they love (chocolate or sweets, 90% of the time!), but without thinking WHY they do it. I think the meaning of this time of the year is deeper than just not eating chocolate for 40 days, though. As I see it, it's a time to let go the material, superficial distractions to turn your thoughts and your spirit, to focus on something more important, more spiritual. To me, this more important spiritual thing isn't God, but it doesn't mean that I can't be inspired by this idea. So I decided to create my own version of Lent.

The material thing I want to let go of is the clutter, that distract me of the happy, fulfilling, enjoyable and easy-flowing life I aspire to have. I did my math and there are 6 weeks until Easter, so I decided to work on one room of our house each week. I started this weekend with our office and we tackled DBF's desk. It was a mess and now it's decluttered, cleaned and so... light! I don't know how to say it, but it feels like fresh air. I also completed a couple administrative/design tasks for his business, like creating his business cards, and that feels great as well. Really motivating to then work on the rest of the office and the rest of the house. Here's my plan for the coming weeks:

  • February 25-March 2: office
  • March 3-9: bathroom (especially our stock of products and our med cabinet)
  • March 10-16: bedroom (especially our closets... a terrible mess!)
  • March 17-23: kitchen (especially our pantry and recipe books)
  • March 24-30: living room (especially our coffee table and entertainement center)
  • March 31-April 5: ex-office (aka the dungeon... I'm sure I won't be able to tackle this whole room in a week but hopefully I'll get a good start and build momentum to keep working at it)
So, there you have it. I definitely not plan to complete each room perfectly, especially since I'll be working mostly during the weekends, but already getting a small area uncluttered, or getting a couple tasks checked off my to-do list for each room, will be a relief!

I'll keep you posted!