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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beating procrastination

Okay, I know I'm not the most appropriate person to talk about beating procrastination. But it's maybe exactly because I'm one of the worst procrastinator ever that I can share what helps me fight this VERY bad habit... kind of "the insider" point of view, you know? LOL

Anyway, here's how I motivate myself to do some unattractive task: I remind myself how long it actually takes. I usually procrastinate because I imagine that it will take a loooooong time, much longer than what it actually takes. So I set my mind, do the job and track how long it actually takes, which is usually not that bad! For example, I used to hate cleaning the cat's litter. I once realized that it barely takes 15 minutes, more likely 10 minutes maximum. Let's be honest, the task is still unpleasant and I doubt I will ever think it's fun, but at least I now know that it won't be unpleasant for more than 15 minutes. What a relief! And what a motivation to see my kitty all happy to pee in a brand new litter ;-) Yeah, I know, it's all about finding the right motivator, uh? LOL


Anonymous said...

Gee, this all sounds familiar, except for the cat box. Hope you can reach your goals and be less stressed. Don't be changing the cat box when you conceive. Has something to do with breathing the stuff and not good for the baby. Ask Laura, she knows. Good luck with your budget. Hope to see you next year.