Chloé’s Ramblings

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did someone said slacking??

Isn't it ironic that one of my last posts 1 month ago was about how much I loved blogging everyday during the month of February? LOL

I'm having a really hard time keeping up with everything, this permanent overwhelming feeling is just exhausting. I always have to remind myself that the word I picked for 2009 was PEACE. I want it so bad... I need it so bad! It feels like everything I do in order to be more serene and peaceful turns into more stress and anxiety. For example today I decided to start to set up a budget... Bad idea!! I realized that I don't have any extra money for an emergency or for fun stuff. How sad is that? We can't afford a new computer for Guy, a new lense for my camera, I can't even afford to go visiting Laura who lives 2 hours away because my car is too bad to drive for that long, and because I don't have enough money to go there by train. HOW SAD IS THAT? I already struggle to not get in debit every end of month (and usually I don't succeed), but anything extra is out of question... or actually should be, to avoid the said end-of-month debit!

I've bee researching a lot on the internet about financial stuff, and even though the american way of life isn't totally accurate for me (I don't have much debt, for example), I've found lots and lots of useful tips. I will try to track very precisely everything we spend for the month of march, hopefully DBF will join me in this dreadful yet necessary task!