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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay, I have to admit it: despite the buzz around Evernote and despite the fact that I downloaded it a looooong time ago, I still don't get all the potential of the system yet. Maybe because I can't use it with my cell phone (I have a terrible phone camera... can you believe it?? LOL). Maybe because I already use for images. Maybe because I don't like the design (the 2 windows in the desktop feature are not really practical, the reading windows is too small to my taste). Don't know why, but I don't use it fully yet. I don't get defeated that easily, though, and since many of my organisation-gurus are 100% convinced, I will give it another try, and even a couple more if needed.

Did you try Evernote? What did you think? Any tips or advice to enjoy it more?


Sharyn said...

I joined but have not really had the time to try it out. How have you found it?