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Monday, July 6, 2009


I LOVE summer! The warmth, the sun, the relaxed atmosphere, the vacation (next week... can't wait!), everything!!

Here are some 365 pix (yup, I'm playing catch up):
June 15th, my cat sleeping (he's good at it)

June 16th: dinner with friends, 1st meeting with Jacques

June 17th: goofing around

June 18th: I'm the worst cook ever!

June 19th: as every Friday, the cleaning lady was here... and it feels good!

June 20th: Music day, Amandine loves to dance (and she does it with her finger pointed, just like her dad... so funny!)

June 21st: I love the way our doggie look at my FIL, she adores him!


LuAnn said...

Hehehe remind me not to take recipes or cooking tips from you!! LOL....

Priscilla said...

Yay on the 365pictures. I have failed miserably at these projects! Kudos :D

Sharyn said...

Glad you are getting caught up. I managed 6 months but that is it! I am still taking photos just not scrapping them.

Chris said...

Those pictures are so sweet. You take good photos Chloe. Your dog is so sweet. I just lost mine. You can read about it on my blog.