Chloé’s Ramblings

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekly plan

A lot to do this week again, as usual. I'd better get used to it 'cause it will stay the same until Christmas... at least! Yeepeeee! LOL

Here's what I want to accomplish this week:
Daily tasks:
  • morning, midday and evening routines
  • 20 minutes indoor bike
  • maintain e-mail and RSS reader to zero unread
  • catch up with TDC and SSD daily + other websites if needed
  • 15 minutes digi decluttering
  • 10 minutes working on my happiness project
  • track spending
  • iron when/if I watch TV
  • go to bed at 10:30, lights off at 10:45
Specific tasks:
  • Monday: run dishwasher and unload it, pick up kitchen, clean cat litter, first episodes of The Pacific
  • Tuesday: hair salon appt... finally getting my hair done, it was about time!
  • Wednesday: clean downstairs fridge
  • Thursday: pick up house if needed, 15 minutes PPW, Flasforward's last episodes!!!
  • Friday: write down next week's menus and grocery shopping list, go shopping (because I have to work on Saturday and I won't be able to go shopping).