Chloé’s Ramblings

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Messti messes with my routines!

It's messti time in my town. "Messti" is the alsatian word for fair, and it's a big event in our small community. There are roundabouts all over the town, even big carousels (the make-you-puke style... lovely! LOL) Anyway, between that and lots of work to do, I'm so busy I didn't even make my usual weekly plan. I have it in my head, though, I know what I want to accomplish (besides surviving the huge workload, that is): maintain my routines, get back to eating more healthy again, scrap and enjoy some me-time. I don't plan to be more detailed this week... and probably for a more couple weeks too, 'cause the workload isn't going to get lighter anytime soon. I've already scrapped one LO every day since 4 or 5 days... not bad, uh? ;)

Oh, and I've been catching up on the Paperclipping Digi Show, love it!