Chloé’s Ramblings

Saturday, October 9, 2010

As "promised"...

...I'm still very busy. I've finally finished the big project at work that I was working on, and I'm starting the next one, so there isn't much time to relax in between! I've also had some time to get all those "little things" done, you know those tasks that can stay there forever because you always think "Oh, I'll do that later, when I have time". Well, guess what, "when I have time" never comes and those pending to-do's keep nagging at me every single day. This situation was starting to affect my mood and my productivity, so I finally took the 2 hours I needed to get those tasks done. Pfew, it feels good!

On a personal level, I've started 2 new activities: I've been taking "body combat" classes, which is a sort of tae bo, for a month, and yesterday I had the first self-defence class. I'm feeling sore this morning but I really liked it. Of course I couldn't get rid of an attacker yet and I've even never been confronted to such a situation (luckily!) but I love the workout and it's useful too, what more can I ask for? And I absolutely love the "body combat" classes, it's so energetic and such a great stress reliever... Perfect for those busy times, I can get all my frustrations out!

Today is the first weekend when I have to take pix for work, but definitely not the last one: I'll have several of those until Christmas break. It may only take an hour, but it's still annoying because it makes me think of work during my free time, so I'm not really free, you know? Good thing is: I know in advance when I have to work like that so I can plan my life around it. And I know when it will be over, it helps when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Oh, I almost forgot, I've got another great news: I'm finally caught up with my 2009 monthly LOs!!! It took me a looooooooong time and I still have the 2010 ones to do, but it feels great to have those memories scrapped!