Chloé’s Ramblings

Friday, January 7, 2011

My boss...

Tonight I had a pretty intense discussion with my boss. He's a jerk sometimes - often, even! - but he's intelligent and he has a great ability to understand who people are. He often points out the real facts, even if they aren't always nice ones it's good to have an exterior point of view of how you work. Anyway, it was pretty intense because I was crying like mad (I often have very emotional reactions with him, don't know why) but it gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I want from and for my job, what I don't want, what I expect of it and what I expect of myself. I think, once the drama is over, that this discussion will make me grow and move forward. I especially had the chance to realize two important things, one when we were talking and one when I was home and talked with DBF about it. Despite being hard to go through, I think that kind of event can be positive on the long term.