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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We're all the same, we all make excuses. Well, normal people do, at least! And since I'm very very VERY normal, I make them very often. Housekeeping and weight loss are the two areas of my life where it's the worst. BUT, I wanted to share with you that tonight I decided to "just do it" and stop making excuses.

I'm in an association where I can practice Tae Bo twice a week. The problem is, the course on Tuesday is at 7:30 pm, which is too late (I get home too late for watching House MD... don't laugh, this stops me from going!!) and too early at the same time (I don't have time to eat before going, or I'm still digesting when I exercise and I'm feeling bad!). Plus I usually go to the town where the course is with people, which means I can't go at my own rythm (even if it's greener, this still bothers me).

Anyway, instead of spending another Tuesday without exercising because I find excuses for not going to this course, tonight I just grabbed my skates and sport pants and went for a 30 minutes ride. I'm so proud of myself!


Lynnette said...

Ooo yes, excuses, I know those all too well. LOL Funny because I actually enjoy working out when I go but getting the motivation to get there in the first place can definitely be a struggle. Way to go in taking some action!

Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings. said...

WTG Chloe! You can even just do some exercising when watching House! It's what I do a few nights a week - get on our elyptical machine and work while I watch my fav shows!