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Friday, December 9, 2011

Yay, weekend!!

I'm happy it's the weekend! I have the Christmas party from work this Saturday, and even though the music is usally crappy, at least I hope we'll have some good times with my collegues! And maybe see our boss get drunk, who knows! LOL Anyway, I don't plan to do nothing but party this weekend, here's my plan:

  • visit DBF's uncle in his elderly home, finish to set up his room DONE!
  • finish to wrap Christmas gifts, prepare package for SIL
  • change cat litter DONE!
  • pamper myself for party DONE!
  • iron our clothes for the party and more while watching "Love Actually" (my favorite Christmas movie EVER!) DONE, but while watching a new episode of "The Walking Dead"... Yeah, less romantic and Christmas-y! ;)
  • get up late after the party! DONE!
  • set up Christmas tree and other decorations DONE!
  • proofread town's magazine DONE!
  • pix of Christmas charity concert DONE!
  • order clothes online DONE!
  • create digiscrap calendar for collegue Don't need to anymore
My favorite part is that I didn't forget to add fun stuff in the mix. Love this!!