Chloé’s Ramblings

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fast food

SSD's blog challenge last week was about fast food... BAD topic for someone like me who's trying to lose weight: it makes me hungry!!! LOL We don't have much fast foods around here: basically just Mc Donald's and Quick (a french version of Mc Donalds). I love them both, especially because I'm more a salt lover than a sweet tooth, so french fries and hamburgers are just my kind of treat. But my absolutely fave take out restaurant is a traditional one here in my small town, named "Bim Buewele". The couple that have this place are just the sweetest people ever. We feel so at home there (except the food is much better! LOL). Sometimes, when we don't feel like going out, we take food home... Yummy!!! What I love is "Bibeleskaes", some sort of yogurt served with onions, bacon, garlic, herbs and fried potatoes. Another of my favorites is "Grumberekechle" (grated potatoes, fried, like the swiss röstis) with salad. Both of those traditional alsacian meals are not very healthy, so unfortunately I try to limit the times we go to this restaurant, but it's sooooooo good. Have a look here if you wanna get hungry (and if you understand French)! LOL