Chloé’s Ramblings

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So mad...

I had a very hard arguement with my boss tonight. It was very violent, and I was completely freaked out afterwards. I could hardly breathe, I almost had a panic attack. He would have punched me that it wouldn't have been more shocking. Such a mean person! I went to my doc who asked if I wanted to be at home for depression, but since I took some free days (before all this happened), I will keep them and see if things get better after some rest. I didn't sleep much last night so that didn't help, but still, he's just a *%§@*#!!! Someone give me a punching ball, please!!


ScrappinMichele said...

Hey Chloe! Hang in there! I'm on yahoo all the time if you want to let off some steam!!!! You are right. He is a jerk and you deserve better. Don't let him get you too gives him too much power! You are a good person. {{{Hugs}}}