Chloé’s Ramblings

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I had a VERY productive weekend!

Don't you love those weekend that let you with this satisfying feeling of having many things accomplished? That's the kind of weekend I had. Among other random everyday stuff, I managed to do the following things:
  • work in our garage-living room to be
  • 2 law studying sessions
  • hotel reservation for my trip in november
  • finish invitations for my birthday and prepare them to print at work
  • celebrate my nephew's 13th birthday
  • empty my e-mails inbox
  • unzip and tag 20 files in ACDSee
  • cook 3 meals (1 pretty bad, but the other two were really good! LOL)
  • bake cupcakes that I wanted to try before my b'day parties
  • back up LOs on DVD's (last one is getting burnt right now
Not bad, uh? Pfew, I feel exhausted just by looking at this list! LOL Off to watch CSI and work on some favors for my b'day guests. Have a nice start of your week!