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Monday, April 13, 2009

April goals and march review

Well, considering that we're halfway through april already, it's about time to review my march goals and plan my april ones, uh? LOL

My march goals were:
  • Celebrate Guy's birthday with our family and friends, on a budget (to avoid the stress that goes with over spending!) DONE, we just went to a nice restaurant with his family and stayed on track with our spendings.
  • Track my food for at least 20 days in the month NOT DONE!
  • Catch up on my work for the web site: calendar, news page, etc. HALF DONE
  • Track all our expenses DONE!
  • Wash dishes right after each meal ABOUT HALF DONE
The last weeks were terribly stressful and hectic, so I'm already pretty satisfied to see that some goals have been accomplished, that's more than what I thought and much more than what I could have expected considering the amount of work and stress I had to deal with!

Here are my goals for April (or rather the rest of it):
  • Prepare cards for all the april and may birthdays (and there are plenty of them in may, so I better be prepared!)
  • Workout every other day for the rest of the month, starting today
  • Catch up on pending to do's at work, especially the (huge) "to read" pile and the (also pretty big) "to file" pile
  • Create a budget
  • File the (gigantic) "to file" pile in my home office


Chris said...

WOW girl! You are really energentic aren't you. I have problems just keeping up with my house. I joined a gym so I would be FORCED to workout. I'm paying for it so I don't want to waste money. Good luck with your goals.