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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tomorrow will be tough

I'm afraid of tomorrow... literally! First because I made a huge mistake at work and will have to tell my boss (I only discovered it last night, it ruined my Sunday!). Second because it's weigh in day and I had a HUGE family meal today for the "confirmation" of Guy's nephew (when the kids renew their baptism vows). It was delicious... way too delicious for my own good! And look at the dessert I had:
It's a chocolate "fondant", which means "melting"... and if you look closely, the heart of the cake is actually melt... Totally yummy and about 3 458 467 547 calories a bite!


Chris said...

OMG! I want some of that. It looks absolutely delish. Of course, I loved all the desserts in France. You cerainly do not get that type of good stuff here in the USA. Your entitled to have one day where you blow your diet. Then you start all over the next day for a week and then blow it again. At least that is what my Aunt tells me. Haha.