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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Green is definitely not a color I like... unless it's about being green! Here are some changes I made recently:
  • Replace all old lightbulbs by energy-saving ones (a bit more expensive to buy, but they use 6 times less energy and last 10 times longer!)
  • Replace all the chemical cleaning products by green ones: white vinegar, organic laundry products, etc.
  • We changed our heating system last year and the new one uses 25% less fuel!
  • I buy organic products when I can (eggs, milk, fruits and veggies if they are not too expensive, vine) and local as much as possible.
  • I got my "compost box" back from the basement and now we collect our compostable wastes, like vegetables and fruits scraps. I then add all that to the big compost that my inlaws have in the garden... and then it helps MIL grow delicious fruits and veggies again! The circle of life!
Those are simple and cheap ideas (well, except for the heating system change!) that are not difficult to put into action. They are not "big" things but when you add everything up, I hope it makes a difference!

What do you do to make your life greener? Any idea that I could do too?

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Chris said...

WOW! You have been busy. We have such a large house that we don't even use half the rooms. That's how we keep costs down. I tried using those energy saving bulbs, but found they don't work for me. I suffer from Seasonal Affect Dysorder and have to use the Reveal bulb. Those bulbs trick your mind into thinking its sunny in the house. Such is life I guess.