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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long weekend coming!

I took a day off work on Monday (to take a pregnancy test for our 2nd IUI, that will probably be negative, that's the not-so-fun part) so I have a three days weekend ahead... love this!! Here's what I want to accomplish:
  • finish Friday's to do's that I didn't get around: clean pantry's bottom shelf, plan next week's menus and write down grocery shopping list
  • go grocery shopping
  • visit Aunt Berthe at hospital
  • check with library if they have Braille books or audio books for Berthe (she's almost blind but reads Braille perfectly) and check with her if she wants me to borrow some
  • unclog bathroom's sink
  • update P365 pix: edit and post
  • go to pharmacy and get DBF's meds and the cat's anti-pest product
  • 3 sessions of 15 minutes on health PPW
  • 3 sessions of 15 minutes on other PPW, including taxes and bank report
  • 3 sessions of 15 minutes on office organisation
  • finish to set up bar (move glasses and appetizers' stuff)
  • work on my 2010 goals: review May and set up June, create reminder
  • unload dishwasher
  • wash, hang up, pick up and put away 3 loads of laundry: actually, I only did 2 because I hadn't enough dirty laundry to do a third full load.
  • back up pix and LOs on DVD
  • clean microwave
  • iron while watching TV
  • plan new blog's posts for next month (2 posts a week)
  • change beddings
  • make appointement for manicure
  • 3 sessions of 15 minutes on ACDSee tagging: only one done, but I did a lot of other digi-decluttering!
  • get rid of all unread e-mails
  • maintain e-mails and RSS
  • scrap at least 3 pages: 1, 2, 3
  • change cat's litter
  • take pregnancy test and call for results
  • call hospital with pregnancy test results
  • have a BBQ with inlaws on Sunday