Chloé’s Ramblings

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday to do: how am I doing?

Daily tasks:

  • 20 minutes workout NOT DONE this morning, I wasn't feeling well. I might go for a walk with the dog tonight if I feel better.
  • morning routine
  • midday routine PARTLY DONE, I'm still feeling bad (headache, back pain... Ugh!!!) so I did the bare minimum
  • 15 minutes zone work: PPW
  • 15 minutes digi decluttering
  • maintain e-mails and RSS reader, catch up on SSD and TDC
  • evening routine NOT DONE sick, lazy, you name it, I'm it! ;)
Tuesday's specific tasks: 1 load of laundry + clean microwave + take dog out

With having Monday off, I keep thinking today is Monday, and I always have a nice surprise when I realise that, no, it's Tuesday! Yay!! LOL