Chloé’s Ramblings

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's to do: how am I doing

Daily tasks:

  • 20 minutes workout I got  to bed too late and didn't got up early enough, I'll try to do it tonight though... NO MORE EXCUSES!!
  • morning routine
  • midday routine partly done, I'll finish tonight
  • 15 minutes zone work: PPW
  • 15 minutes digi decluttering
  • maintain e-mails and RSS reader, catch up on SSD and TDC
  • evening routine VERY PARTLY DONE, we had a terrible storm and had to shut the power down to avoid any electric damage. Romantic night with candles...
Wednesday's specifics: ironing while watching TV

I just got some bad news about my grandpa, he has a heart problem and will have to have a surgery, so I'll try to write him a sweet card tonight so that he has a love note to welcome him in his summer home when he arrives there this weekend.