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Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting back in control...

If I want to feel more like I'm the driver and not stuck in the trunk of the car aka my life, I first need to know how bad things are, make a plan for making them better and get to work. It's easier when I write it down, so here we go! Here's what I want to do before going back to work on Thursday afternoon:
  • Exam:
    • study the methodology
    • check past years' examples the exam is new so there aren't any past examples!
    • try to make one "fake" exam in real conditions at home
    • prepare my stuff to go to the exam
  • Computer stuff:
    • get rid of all unread e-mails (read, take action, delete or file) and maintain starting with 37 messages, 10 left
    • get rid of all unread RSS posts (read, take action) and maintain
    • clean RSS starred posts
    • delete enough RSS feeds to get below 40
    • 2 x 15 minutes daily on "to dispatch" file This folder is empty and deleted! Woohoooo!
  • Home:
    • pick up kitchen
    • pick up living room
    • pick up bathroom
    • pick up bedroom
    • put away dry laundry from bedroom and from laundry room
    • iron clothes every time I'm watching TV
    • wash, hang up and put away (when dry) 2 loads of laundry
    • wash and hang up 2 new loads of laundry
    • change beddings
    • clean cat's litter
    • plan next week's menus, write down shopping list, go grocery shopping
    • finish pending PPW, incl. mail tax payement
    • pick up office
  • Personal stuff:
    • start planning Christmas gifts and vacation
    • investigate to make sure if taking a second job would be possible
    • if it is, prepare application for job opportunity
    • pamper myself
    • scrap a couple LOs (monthly ones, to catch up!)
    • make Guy's doc appt
Wow, looks like  I'm gonna be busy! LOL


Chris Hodges said...

You are one busy girl. I tried doing a list, but could never seem to follow it. Why on earth are you taking a second job? You are so busy now with the job you have that a second one is going to do you in girl. Email me.