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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey, december, what are you doing here??

What do you mean, "it's that time of year again"??? Already?????

Yeah, I can't believe we've already entered 2010's last month!! I'm trying to get my Christmas gifts done. I've already finished my dad's and Guy's nephew's, I'm working on my mom's and my best friend's kids' are bought. Still have a couple left before I can be done, though, but it feels good to be started at least!

I'm really busy at work but not in panic mode as I usually am at that time of the year, and that feels great too. Learning to keep healthy distances with my job has helped a lot!

We've had our first days of snow and the temperatures have been really low, it definitely feels like winter here. I've taken my little tree out and it's decorated since last weekend, so that puts me in Christmas mood as well.

The only thing I'm not sure of yet is how I'll travel during my vacation. With my divorced parents, my grandparents and huge family and my friends that I want to see too, I'm usually very busy during the couple days I travel. I get headache to plan when to see everybody and all the driving/train trips to go from one place to the other. This year I plan to carpool. I'll use a website that helps you get in touch with stranger that make the same trip as you so that you can travel together. My cousins are fans of this site, I hope it'll work out fine for me too!

Last but not least, I'm already thinking about my 2011 resolutions/goals. I think my theme, my word for the year will be "Let go". 2010 word was "peace" and I think that, even if I didn't complete my monthly goals/mini-resolutions, I'm more peaceful than I was last year. I guess I'm growing up, even when I don't notice it!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I've just been thinking about my word for the year too... still not sure :)