Chloé’s Ramblings

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday's check up and weekend plan

  • 10 minutes workout in the morning NOT DONE!
  • work DONE!
  • clean oven if I don't have to work late NOT DONE!
  • hang off dry laundry DONE!
  • menu planning and grocery shopping DONE!
  • day pix for work as soon as the weather allows it NOT DONE, and it's now too dark. I'll do it next week.
  • night pix for work if weather isn't too bad NOT DONE, I'll do it tomorrow early.
  • 3x15 minutes on RSS ALL DONE!
  • 3x15 minutes on PPW and office to do's 2 DONE!
  • 3x15 minutes on e-mails ALL DONE!
  • 3x15 minutes on zips 1 DONE!
  • 2x15 minutes on budget ALL DONE!
  • scrap: 1 Monthly LO+ gift card holder for nephew + whatever my creativity takes me to! LOL DID 2 B'DAY CARDS FOR A FRIEND AND A COUSIN INSTEAD
  • 2x15 minutes on pix organisation 1 DONE!
  • clean oven DONE!
  • clean microwave oven DONE!
  • unload laundry and hang it up DONE!
  • organize nightstands and bedroom started!
Sunday, 10 PM, all I have left is 2 sessions on zips, one on pix organisation and 1 on office pending to do's... Not bad, actually I feel really satisfied!