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Sunday, December 20, 2009

last sprint before vacations!

I'm leaving on Thursday for a week. I'll go to Switzerland and to my granparents' to celebrate Christmas and my mom's b'day. Here's what I have to do until then, so between Monday and Wednesday:
  • create last 3 b'day calendars for gifts DONE!
  • wrap 2 last gifts DONE!
  • 2x15 minutes on health PPW 1 DONE!
  • call doc + optician for health PPW DONE!
  • take pix of calendars DONE!
  • call Nanie or e-mail her DONE!
  • create packing list DONE!
  • pack DONE!
  • work on Monday DONE!
  • work on Tuesday DONE!
  • maybe work on Wednesday morning (don't hope so, though!) yep, will have to... Grrrrr! DONE!
  • check bank account report for November DONE on Sunday already!
Hopefully I'll be able to finish all my work on Tuesday evening so that I don't have to work on Wednesday.


DawnMarch said...

You are SO organized! Good luck getting it all done!

Chris said...

You didn't say if Guy was going to go with you to Switzerland. I sure hope so. Hope you had a great time and a Merry Christmas with your family.