Chloé’s Ramblings

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday check up and weekend plan

Here's what I planned for Friday:
  • 15 minutes exercise not done, my back hurts!
  • work DONE!
  • 15 minutes on computer clean up
  • plan menus for next week DONE! and write down shopping list
  • repair 2 items on my "to sew" pile
  • start creating January LO
I went to have a medical test done for my TTC treatement that will start in a couple weeks, so I couldn't get as much accomplished as I wished. The rest will be done this weekend!

Here's what I plan to do:
  • 20 minutes exercise on Sunday (my back still hurts too much to work out on Saturday) DONE!
  • POTD on Saturday DONE! and Sunday DONE!
  • grocery shopping: write down list and go shopping DONE!
  • 4x15 minutes on computer clean up 2 DONE!
  • finish designing DBF's mini album DONE!, print and get it done!
  • 4x15 minutes on health PPW DONE!
  • clean up RSS reader (no unread message) DONE! and declutter 2 subscriptions in new reader DONE! and 2 in old one
  • 2x15 minutes on zip files and ACDSee tagging DONE!
  • write down January LO's journaling
  • create 2 LOs
  • repair 1 item on my "to sew" pile
  • change cat litter DONE!
  • take pix for work DONE!
  • put away dry laundry, wash and hang up 2 loads DONE!