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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 365 and weekend to do list

Well, I'm really proud to announce that I've been doing pretty good on taking the pix, even though my recent illness screwed up my posting of them! I'll try to update this weekend, which leads me to my second topic for this post: my to do list for the weekend. With being sick and soooo tired for most of the week, I haven't accomplished anything. Even though I obviously needed the rest, I'm feeling better and all this "lost time" is getting on my nerve (it's actually a sign I'm feeling better! LOL) so here is what I will do this weekend:
  • catch up on P365 editing and posting DONE!
  • plan menus for the week DONE!
  • write down shopping list DONE! and go grocery shopping DONE!
  • while in shop, print February goals' plan the shop's printer was broken
  • take 1 load of laundry out and hang it off to dry DONE!
  • finish ironing clothes
  • 2x15 minutes on PPW/office to do's DONE!
  • scan one box of slides DONE!
  • back up computer and prepare it for formatting
  • 2x45 minutes work (write articles+maybe take pix) DONE!
  • clean oven DONE!
  • clean micro wave DONE!
  • online banking stuff DONE!
  • catch up on TDC DONE! and SSD sites DONE!
  • create 2 LOs DONE! + 1 P365 LO and post them + the one I created already DONE!
  • change cat litter DONE!
  • change beddings


Rebecca H. said...

uggh! so sorry to hear you've been sick! glad you're feeling better! i have to say i'm jealous that you're keeping up w/ your project 365! i'm only doing a p. 52 & i still can't seem to keep up with that! lol!