Chloé’s Ramblings

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday check up... how am I doing?

  • 15 minutes indoor bike not done this morning, I forgot to set up my alarm and slept in... almost got late for work! I'll try to get some exercise tonight
  • work + 30 minutes extra (morning meeting for magazine) DONE (minus the extra half hour, I already overworked on the past days, I need some me time)!
  • clean downstairs fridge
  • prepare computer's formatting
pending from the last days (Gosh, either I overplanned or I got really lazy, but I feel like I got nothing done!):
  • pick up laundry room
  • 15 minutes filing
  • purge fridge
  • prepare computer's formatting
  • 15 minutes on health PPW 5 minutes DONE... at least that's a start! LOL
  • check January's bank report DONE!
  • create January LO