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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday check up... how am I doing?

  • 15 minutes exercise DONE!
  • work DONE!
  • 15 minutes on PPW
  • 15 minutes on filing DONE!
  • repair one item from my "to sew" pile while watching The Mentalist
  • TDC and SSD catch up DONE!
  • evening routine! DONE!
  • curfew at 10:45 pm DONE!
catch up from yesterday's list:
  • 15 minutes on health PPW did several tasdks related to our treatement instead: phone calls, pick up meds, etc.
  • manicure while watching TV
and I went to order my TTC meds! OMGosh, I'm so excited!!!!! Eeeeeeek!!


Anonymous said...

Well, putting a to do list on your blog is one way of getting things done. Me, I can never follow a to do list. I do what hits me when it hits. You are one go getter. Good luck with your meds. Keep me posted.