Chloé’s Ramblings

Friday, April 2, 2010


It's the alsatian word for spring cleaning, and what I plan on doing today. I really have to get my house back in control, I feel like I've been walking on the edge of a mountain for 1 1/2 month, and any little wind could make me fall down the disorganization hill: my kitchen is a mess, my office is just one huge pile of stuff with bills and tax papers buried in it, I haven't find time to scrap or do anything creative for waaaaay too long... I don't like living that way. Anyway, here's what I plan on doing today:
  • Laundry: put away anything clean DONE!, wash and hang up 2 loads DONE!, pick them up and put them away tonight if the weather is good enought to have them dry outside Too cold and rainy.
  • Kitchen: load DONE!, run DONE! and unload dishwasher DONE!, hand wash pots and pans DONE!, put away everything DONE!
  • Weekly cleaning: pick up house, dust, vacuum, mop DONE!
  • Bathroom: shower, sink, toilet DONE!
  • Change cat litter DONE!
  • Computer: 30 minutes decluttering on e-mails DONE! and 30 minutes on RSS reader DONE!
  • Plan next week's menus DONE! and write down grocery shopping list DONE!
  • Fun stuff: create 1 LO
Aaaaaah, I feel better already having everything planned! Now onto getting it done!!