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Saturday, January 7, 2012

First week in 2012

Well, this first week has been great so far. I truely enjoyed all the fun stuff going on at TDC around OLW and resolutions and PL (even though I'm not participating). Lots of inspiration. The new sister site, Tell Your Story Every Day got launched this week too. I'm really happy about all these new adventures! TDC is definitely my digi-home. I love SSD's new look, but the community there, even if it's sweet and all, is too big for my taste and poor memory. I don't know people that well (or don't remember much about them except for a couple girls) and hence don't feel as comfy as I does @TDC.

But the most exciting part of this week for me was how I kept my OLW in my thoughts all day long, acting on it, following my resolutions for January and (surprise!) enjoying them. My motivation is really high and I don't really see it go down any time soon. *knock on wood* I even created a page to help me remember, and it's already printed (letter size)! Yay!!
Check my gallery for credits.
 I also created a 4x6 monthly reminder:
Credits: Transformation by Dawn by Designs @ TDC, Basic Black Alpha by Melissa Bennett @ SSD, The Alpha Files and shadow actions by Krystal Hartley @ SSD, DJB Merry by Darcy Baldwin @ SSD
It really helped me feel focused on this OLW, and I love it. I also created an excel spreadsheet on my phone to hold myself accountable for my daily resolutions. I give myself a note from 0 to 10 for each of them every night and it gives me my average for the day and also how well it goes for each resolutions during the month. Silly as it is, this kind of geeky (or even nerdy) stats makes me happy! ;)

Since I'm focusing on my body this month, the rest is a bit out of control. I'm trying to relax and just maintain my basic routines, reminding myself that taking care of my house in a deeper way will come in its own time... but it's hard. Even the routines are neglected and my house, desk and digital world is too messy for my comfort level! So, this weekend I'll take some time to

  • plan next week's menus and go grocery shopping
  • change cat litter
  • pick up the house, especially the kitchen
  • do one or two (depending on how fast it dries) loads of laundry
  • finish to unpack (just a couple books left)
  • clean my desk
  • unclutter my unread RSS folder
  • pamper myself (I desperately need to wax my legs and give myself a good facial) NOT DONE: we ran out of fuel for our central heater, so the bathroom is way too cold for me to stay in there for more than a quick shower! LOL
  • take pix for work if the weather gets better
All of that without forgetting my resolutions. Hope I'm not too ambitious! I'll let you know on Sunday night how that went. Until then, enjoy your weekend!


Holly in Japan said...

You are soooo organized Chloe! I love that you have your entire year scheduled on how to keep your OLW and the various ways to focus on it. Wow, just so impressed! Beautiful page too!