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Monday, September 29, 2008

I've been thinking a lot!

I've been thinking a lot recently, reconsidering my priorities and how I want to accomplish my goals. I'm getting close to a plan, and it feels sooooo good to know where I'm going and (more or less) how I'll get there. I feel peaceful tonight because of that thinking... what a fabulous feeling, what a relief!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A food experiment gone bad...

I'm testing some recipes for my birthday parties (yes, my house is too small to have only 1 party with everybody!) next month and yesterday evening I created a cupcake version of Two-Face...

When you look here, it is fine:

But then you turn around and you see that... Argh!!

Actually, it tasted good, but it looked terrible! LOL It's a double chocolate cupcake, with white chocolate dough in the bottom and black chocolate on top, and the white chocolate dough wanted some fresh air apparently!! LOL I will have to put less dough in there next time!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Martha Stewart's blog

3 days ago I posted about Martha Stewart's site, and I forgot to mention she also has a blog. I love it, lots of great infos there too! For those who don't know how to blog (and for anyone who loves great tips... who doesn't??), she has made a special post here!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crafty evening - the pix

Here are my creations from last night.

I'm not very productive (yet): it took me 1 hour (watching Cold Case) to create those 4 tiny pumpkins in polymere clay. One of them already has some metal wire to hand pictures, and I've prepared holes in the other ones as well. I chose one of my brother's scariest faces, to match the Halloween theme! LOL

Monday, September 15, 2008

Crafty evening

Today was a good day. I didn't started too well because I gained weight... again. But instead of making me depressed and hopeless, this weigh in made me feel energized and mad... a good (and much needed) kick in the butt!

I cleaned and re-organized my craft stuff tonight, and then did some polymere clay (fimo) pumpkins tonight. There are cooling right now, so I'll take a pic tomorrow. They turned out really cute, I'm quite proud of myself! Ok, enough teasing, wait for tomorrow and see! LOL 'Night everyone!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New LO

Vici has created a fabulous collab kit with Laura Lively Designs: How does your garden grow? It's just gorgeous, very versatile, with lots of fun and one of a kind elements! I just created this LO with it:

It's a bitter-sweet LO about being far from my family and my friends, especially my BFF Stephanie. I did this after a phonecall when her baby boy Tristan (22 months old) said "Auntie Chloé" on the phone and got me immediately into tears. I was so proud and so sad at the same time.

Credits: How does your garden grow? collab by Victoria's {chirpi} Designs and Laura Lively Designs @, Color Pop and B&W photo action by Andrea Burns @ TDC, font is DJB Chloé by Darcy Baldwin @ SSD.

I'm still alive

Man, the back to school time has been really crazy this year! I don't have any kid and I'm not at school anymore, but I still feel the combination of excitement and stress of this time of the year. I expecially had (and still have) a hard time with getting back to my routines and managing a big change at work. Add to that some personal issues, and you get a pretty good picture about why I didn't blog since... errrr, way too long! LOL

On my permanent quest for efficiency, I recently discovered two fabulous tools.

The first one is very inspirational (and hence help my scrapper's efficiency! LOL): it's You can bookmark the images you like wherever on the internet and tag them, then they all get on your account there. How many times have I wished "Oh, I love this, wish I could mark this down for further notice!" I usually ended up bookmarking the page and then forgot about what took my attention on the image (if I ever think about looking at my bookmarks!). And with the tagging feature you can organize your inspirations, that's just great! Here's the link to my favorite images. You can even get a feed to people that share your interests' page!

And that leads me to my new favorite tool: feeds. Okay, I know I'm totally out of fashion here since feeds exist since a looooong time, but I just discovered this concept and I finally understood how to use the feeds. I'm using feedreader to keep track of all the blogs, sites, accounts that I like. I don't have to browse every single blog as I used to, I automatically get new posts in the feedreader. What a time saver! I can now get every update in about 15 minutes daily, when it used to take me twice as much time!

On another note, I also discovered Martha Stewart's site... Yeah, I know, it was about time! As for the feeds, I'm the trendiest girl ever, ain't I? LOL Anyway, I really like it. Of course, not everything is doable for "normal" people like me (= with only 24 hours a day and no super powers), but I found some great inspirations and tips.

That's it for now. Take care!