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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home tour (caution, photo heavy!)

Okay, as Marcia asked to see my home, here's a quick home tour. I took the pix right after I had finished my weekly cleaning, so this is just the best it can look, it's usually much messier!

Here's the view you have when you enter our property. We are very lucky to have a big garden around our home.

Here's the door. I love the roses, especially the white ones that smell soooooo good.
When you enter the house, there's some sort of "roundabout" in the middle from where you can go to the different rooms. There are 5 rooms in the original part of the house (on the right on the picture above): our bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, another spare room/future kids' room/today's dungeon (it's so messy I couldn't bare to take pix of it! LOL) and the office. Then the living room is in the former garage (on the extreme left on the pic above) that we remodeled about 2 years ago. Okay, let's get in!
Here's the entry way, with the "roundabout" in front and the bathroom's door.
The first room on the right when you enter the house is the office. Here's an overall view

DBF's desk, on the left when you enter the office.
The office's storage, on the right of the room. There's also our indoor bike (which is more often used as a very expensive coat hanger) and our cat's boxes on the floor. Having this cat is like having a toddler, he leaves toys all over the place... ;)

My desk, in front of the door

Then there's our bedroom, on the left of the "roundabout".

Here's DBF's closet

And here's mine. Yes, my boyfriend has more clothes than me.
In front of the entrance is our tiny, very narrow bathroom. At least it's easier to clean up! It's so tiny we don't even have a bathtub, only a shower. That might be a problem when we have babies, but we'll figure it out then!

Here's an opposite view of the bathroom. It's one of the only room that doesn't have much built in storage, but it's enough for our needs. Once again, this might change when we have babies.
On the right, in the back of the house when you enter, is the kitchen. It's bright yellow and I love how cheerful this look in the morning. If I'm not awake by the time I get in, I am after that! LOL
This is the cooking/fridge/freezer area. I have a very limited working space so everything is hang up, it frees more surface.

The table and the sink, with our dishwasher. The cat's litter is also in there, because we rarely eat in the kitchen. We move it when we eat there. It's not a perfect spot for it, but it's the "least bad" place for us!

The kitchen's HUGE storage space... love it!

Last but not least, the living room. We have to go down a couple steps from the kitchen to get there.

This is the first part of the room when we get down from the kitchen.

Our "big books" and comics bookcase (the paperback/pocket books are in the office)
The entertainement area. Almost all the storage there is empty. Ain't it fabulous, especially for a packrat like me?
Well, this is it, I hope you enjoyed the visit! Let me know what you think!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Scrappy news

Okay, even the announcement wasn't public, I hope I can post my big news on my poor neglected blog: I got picked to join Amanda Heimann's CT! I'm so excited!! I already downloaded and played with her fabulous product and I'm feeling so inspired, I can't stop scrapping! Here are the LOs I made so far:
Using Pretty Picnic with Mommyish Designs and Layout Builders #3

Using Fever with Meghan Mullens

Using May Grab Bag (Rainbow Connection and Gray Skies add-on)

Using May Grab bag (Rainbow Connection and Ctrl+Alt+G)

Using Fever with Meghan Mullens
Hey, I told you I was inspired, right? Love it!!! Check out my TDC gallery for more infos!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm not a real girl

At least according to all the machist clichés of womanhood: I don't care about shoes. Like, really really don't care. I have a pair of rain boots and two pair of sport shoes (one for inside, one for outside) for the "utilitarian shoes", and 3 pairs of true everyday shoes: leather boots for winter, sneakers for anytime and flats for summer. And that's it! DBF has about the same amount of shoes, which makes it very easy to maintain. Well, in theory, because in reality we usually have more than our pair of the day out in the entryway!

Here's what my shoes look like most of the time:
This is the floor of my jackets' wardrobe, where the shoes not currently in use are stored. Notice my little helper? LOL

And this is the entryway. How welcoming, uh?
 And this is how I would like my shoes to be all the time, or at least how I should put them back every other day:
The entryway with only our pairs of the day, one for DBF and one for me.

The wardrobe's floor. In the boxes are the less used shoes and the more frequently used are stored outside.
Now all I have to do is take pictures of the shoes inside the boxes to find them more quickly and, most of all, maintain this system. My luck, as I said, is that with that few shoes it's very easy to pick up when there's a mess, it takes only 5 minutes!

What's your system to organize your shoes? Do you have any tip for me?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Week one of SYL

Ooooops, I forgot to post here: the first week of my guest blogging for the Simplify Your Life e-course was posted at Marcia's blog! Go have a look and let me know what you think!