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Thursday, July 31, 2008

FOB2Y - show me happy

Kellie asked us to show a LO that makes us happy. That's tough, 'cause 99% of my LOs make me happy to look at them. I cherish almost all of the photos I scrap, especially because I cherish the memory or thoughts they bring to me. But since I had to pick one, I chose this one:

This pic is just hilarious to me. I absolutely adore the stupid face of my doggy Kira. She's smart, though, but this pic doesn't do justice to her intelligence! LOL. Hope this will make you laugh as much as it does me!

Here's a link to this LO in my SSD's gallery for credits.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FOB2Y... catching up

I'm soooooo behind with blogging! I'm on vacation this week so I enjoy catching up on everything: housework, house remodeling paperwork (much needed!), scrapping, everything! I'll post all my recent LOs (probably) tomorrow, but before that I want to catch up on SSD's From Our Blog To Yours challenges. Sooooo, here we go!

June 26th, Angela asked us to post about our favorite birthday year... Mmmm, I think my fav years were my late teenage ones, between 17 and 20 years old. I had so much fun, and I remember that time of my life as a worries-less moment. I definitely had worries, but they weren't THAT serious, and I was really not as stressed as I am now. Still, I think I love every part of my life so far: childhood, teenage, young adult, young couple life, and now that we are slowly getting ready to build a family. Ok, enough rambling! LOL

July 3rd, Meghan gave us a fun test to do. Here's my result:

What Your These Fireworks Say About You

You are jubilant and easily excited.

While you aren't very intense or passionate, your happiness is abundant.

You can always find cause to celebrate, laugh, or even just smile to yourself.

You find that life is full of things to be happy about!

Yep, I guess that's me... especially the last sentence! ;-)

July 10th, Karrina just came back from vacation and asked us what our favorite vacation spot is, or what our dream vacation spot would be. As much as I love my dear Normandy, where I spent aaaaaaall my summers until I turned 16, I would love to find a place with a bit more sun (when it rains there, you're stuck in the house for days!) and big cities around... Like Paris on the beach, you know? That would be the perfect spot for me because I love to relax and do nothing, but not for a very long time.

On July 17th, Mimi started to think about summer jobs and asked us to post about the ones we had as teenager. I used to work as babysitter when I was 16-17 years old (including one trip to South Italy with a crazy woman and her 2 brats... errr, I mean children). The summer before I turned 18, I started to work as waitress in bars and restaurants. The first 2 places I worked in were great, quite classy, with good bosses, but the last 2 were much less chic. I even worked in a bar right in front of a military base where the young soldiers had a free night every Tuesday. I saw them running from the other block to my bar, ready to drink as much beer as they could during those 2 free hours... I never imagined a human being could absorb that much liquid in such a short time! LOL

Finally, last week Meghan wondered what kind of music we are... Here is my result:

You Are Country Music

You are friendly, down to earth, and fairly conservative.

You are true to your friends and your upbringing. Change is hard for you.

But beneath your old fashioned attitude, you are expressive and artistic in your own way.

Very few people can express pain and pleasure as eloquently as you can.

Those tests are usually pretty accurate, but this one is definitely not! LOL

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pfew, it's been a long time!

I've been soooo busy that I couldn't find any spare time to update this blog. All the time that I spent outside of the office was dedicated to exercising, to DBF (since we celebrated our 7th anniversary on July 8th... YAY!!!) or to scrap. Here are my latest LOs:
For TBLDS, week #2:

For SSD’s Recipe #38, TDC’s Style 101 #20 and TBLDS week 2.

Black pp by Leah Riordan (Oooh Lala!),
Eva Kipler’s Chalking the Way @ SSD," target="_blank" class="bb-url">folded paper template by Karah Fredricks @ TDC,
Michelle Coleman’s Stamped alpha,
Font is Courtney Dorkling,
Pic free from internet.

Week #3:

For SSD’s Spin-A-Lift, TDC’s Style 101 #21 and TBLDS week 2. I spin-a-lifted Gracielou’s Our Story

Journaling reads: “I think I’m doing ok this round. Not great, not terrible, or maybe both of them depending on the day. I’m still highly motivated and excited by this journey, and that’s a great point! I’m proud of myself too, because I accomplished much more than what I thought I would be able to do. I especially faced the stress of my life without turning (too much) to food for comfort, and that a great improvement! I’ve been losing 300 and 400 grams per week so far. That’s not as much as I would like to lose, but it’s already good considering the circumstances and my weight loss history. I hope that I will be able to keep the momentum and get to a healthy BMI by the end of the round, and then start to try to conceive with a healthy body, a body ready to welcome a baby!”

Eva Kipler’s Life is a Journey @ SSD,
Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC
Fonts are Darcy Baldwin's DJB Chloé @ TDC and Gill sans MT

I also created 2 other LOs:

For SSD’s Shutterbug Shakedown and TDC’s Anything Goes.

Journaling reads: “This song by Carl Douglas almost drove me crazy. I had to take pix at a martial arts show, and I had the song in my head for 2 days afterwards... Argh!!”

Eva Kipler’s Wild Blueberry @ SSD,
template by Rachael Giallongo,
stamped alpha by Valerie Fowler,
Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC,
fonts are Highland Perk and More Than Enough.

And finally a LO featuring those adorable pix of my friends' little girl Amandine:

For SSD’s SWTSB #36 and Color Confectionary challenges and TDC’s Scraplift challenge. I scraplifted Valerie’s 4th of July Food LO.

Tamra Burwick’s Kokomo @ TDC,
Distressed Paint Stroke Brushes by Victoria’s {chirpi} Designs @,
Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC,
fonts are Wendy Sue and Wasted Collection.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I survived!

The last week was completely insane, I had the town magazine to finish and the mayor (=my boss) had to review it. Problem is: he's extremely busy and we couldn't find the needed couple hours to work. We finally did Saturday at lunch time (yeah, I know, but it takes what it takes) and I was done at 1:30 pm! I only had to check the spelling mistakes this afternoon and the magazine will be at the printer's office tomorrow at midday! YAY!!!

On the weight loss front, things are going better than what I expected. With all this stress I had some emotional eating episodes and I was afraid I would gain. But since I still exercise every morning (getting up at 6 am!) and with a little help from my hormones (for once, they're useful!!), I think I should be ok tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

I even had time to scrap for TBLDS, but I'll post tomorrow about it, right now I'm too tired of computers and writing stuff! LOL