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Friday, June 6, 2008

A LO that made me think BIG TIME!

My latest LO for TBLDS... This challenge (Our struggles for the round) took me much farther than I expected!

For TBLDS weekly challenge, SSD’s Sugar Free #44 and Color Challenge and TDC’s Color Challenge.

black pp: Black and White by Victoria’s {chirpi} Designs @,
green pp: Swishy Swashy by Cori Gammon,
Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC,
notebook sheet: Sassy by Ksharonk,
font is Darcy Baldwin’s DJB Teacher @ TDC,
title alpha by Michelle Coleman,
buttons: Tiny Buttons by Valerie Fowler,
staple: My Baby Boy by Fee Jardine,
painted border for the pic: You and Me by Fee Jardine.