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Sunday, June 29, 2008

New LOs

Here are my latest LOs.

First, this one that I created for SSD’s One Word #10: Story, Digi Dare #93 and TDC’s Anything Goes.

Into The Blue papers and elements by Victoria {chirpi] Designs @, Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC, clip and flower by Sarah Jones (Happy Place), fonts are Doodlebet by Fee Jardine and fontastic, sun doodle by Digital Designs Essentials team, torn paper by Steph Krush @ digital paper tearing.

Then this one for TBLDS round 8, week 1, SSD’s Cookie #37 and TDC’s Style 101 #18.

Journaling reads: “Starting fresh (again) for round 8. This idea of starting again is both depressing and motivating. Depressing because I sometimes think that all I’ve done was worthless. But at the same time, I’m not at the same point than when I started, neither on the scale number, nor in my mind. Starting fresh also means that, no matter the mistakes I made, no matter how “bad” I did, I can do better. I messed up my eating at lunch? Well, dinner is a new meal. I didn’t exercise yesterday? Now is the first moment of the rest of my life, and I can make it whatever I want to. I’m in control, I’m responsible for my life, my behaviour, my actions. That’s a very powerful idea, but a bit scary at the same time: if I’m responsible, then I’m the one to blame. No more excuses! That will be my motto for this round.”

Template by Kay Miller, inspired by a LO by Jenny Jorgensen,
black paper: Michelle Coleman’s Color Me Solid,
everything else from Eva Kipler’s Tree Hunter, Dirt Lover @ SSD,
Andrea Burns' Color Pop & Black and White Photo Action @ TDC,
font is Darcy Baldwin's DJB Chloé @ TDC.