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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Argh, darn cat!!

My beloved Flamby, aka "The Terrible" aka "PITA" just jumped on the kitchen table and put a plate down. A big oven plate in glass... I had to vacuum the whole place and picked at least 1'589'547 bits of glass everywhere... or so about! LOL I love him but sometimes I wonder why!


Anonymous said...

Cats are funny that way. They love jumping on kitchen counters and table tops. They also love to claw furniture to death. But they can be so funny and cute. I don't have a cat now, just a dog. However, I must say I don't miss having a cat, I think they shed worse than dogs, plus they don't stay OFF the furniture. I am so glad that this kitty has been a blessing for you since you lost your others.