Chloé’s Ramblings

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun movie, and getting ready for tomorrow

We have been out of TV (and sometimes internet too) since Friday noon, but the VOD is working... Weird, I know! Anyway, we took advantage of this situation to watch Madagascar 2. I liked the first one, even if it's not my all time favorite cartoon, but the sequel is even more fun!! I especially loved the old woman and the penguins: too funny!!

Today I prepared a scrapbook meeting I'll join tomorrow. I can't wait to meet the girls I've been chatting with for several months now! I printed some pix at a mall nearby and I was really pleased with the quality. It was the first time I used this service but I will definitely get back there, even if it's a bit pricey. We will do a mini album... my first paper project! Gasp!! I also tried to print pages for a bracket album I want to do, but my printer isn't working! Grrrr! I have this album (Basic Greay Bracket Album) since forever, but I've never managed to get to it. I guess I'm scared that there's no Ctrl+Z in real life! And now that I finally felt brave enough to get started, I can't because of this stupid printer! Bummer!!!

I'll be back soon with pix of the meeting and of my mini album... Hopefully it'll turn out ok! LOL