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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy new year... still?

Tonight my boss, the mayor, will have a little ceremony to wish all our partners a happy new year. That made me thinking: until when can you (or have you to) wish a happy new year? We still have people everyday coming at the townhall desk and wish us a happy new year. Nice, but 15 times a day... it's getting boring now!! I know you it's commonly admitted that you can wish it until the end of January, but I think I won't stand it until then! LOL

On the other hand, since I took the "it's the New Year, let's make resolution and try to keep those for more than 2 days" challenge, I think it's time to review the goals I posted here:
  • Collect all my loved ones' birthdays dates and prepare cards for the first trimester.
DONE for the month of January. I still have to ask Mom for her list (more complete than mine!) and do the 2 next months
  • Get back to exercise: work out at least 15 minutes 5 times a week.
HALF DONE so far... Gotta keep working on this!
  • Collect informations about the different options I have for my career: classes, exam, etc.
I'll take the opportunity of seeing my friend Lydie this Friday to ask her some advice
  • Collect informations about financial management (blogs, books, etc.)
I discovered some good sites... will post those for next "Tips Tuesdays"
  • Get back to my routines, think about giving them a twist if necessary.
Morning routine is going pretty good, but I still struggle with the midday and the evening one! I know how useful they are, though, so I will keep working on them!