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Saturday, January 31, 2009

January's over

Ok, I can't believe it but I blogged EVERY SINGLE DAY in January!! Wow, I'm in shock! I'd really like to keep going, it's nice! ;-)

Thanks to breaking my camera, I couldn't keep with the one pic a day challenge, though, but I'll get back to it as soon I can buy a new lense. Still have to make some arrangements for that.

My goals for this month are only half reached:
  • Collect all my loved ones' birthdays dates and prepare cards for the first trimester.
I sent cards to all those that I knew had birthdays in January, and I'm still working on the first trimester's cards. I also got mom's file with all the family's birthdays and I've been adding them to my PDA to have everything in one spot.
  • Get back to exercise: work out at least 15 minutes 5 times a week.
Mmmmm... NO! I totally messed up with weight loss this month, I gained a lot (still have to figure out how much, even if I'm not sure that I want to know!)
  • Collect informations about the different options I have for my career: classes, exam, etc.
I had a nice chat with my friend Lydie who's a great professional and know a lot about our status (as state employees we've got different careers than people working for normal companies). There will be some major changes next month(s) with 3 new people joining the team, so I need to see what this will bring. My boss really sucks at planning and communicating about changes, so I don't really know where we're going right now... We'll see.
  • Collect informations about financial management (blogs, books, etc.)
I read several blogs about this topic, and I will set up a plan next month.
  • Get back to my routines, think about giving them a twist if necessary.
I've been improving this really nicely. The only routine that I still have a hard time with is my evening routine: I keep doing the basics like brushing my teeth but I need to improve the little extras that help a lot, especially as I plan to get up earlier to workout.

Stay tune for next month's goals!!