Chloé’s Ramblings

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5 days

Yep, I'm having 5 whole free days... with only taking 2 days off work: today is Bastille Day, so it's off anyway, I took off Thursday and Friday, and then there's the weekend... Ain't that great? That's what I call "efficiency"! LOL

Talking about efficiency, I really need to get back on track with about a gazillion things, so here's my plan of attack:
  • wed am: go to the office to put the camera back and send e-mail to journalist
  • clean e-mail inbox and maintain
  • clean RSS reader and maintain
  • catch up on TDC and SSD
  • catch up on PPW, including health PPW
  • plan next week's menus and write down grocery shopping list and go shopping
  • shop, either online or in Strasbourg (I don't like shopping but it's sales time and I desperately need some new clothes, at least 2 skirts, 1 pants I even got 2, a couple tops and new summer shoes)
  • scrap and relax
  • catch up housekeeping: bedroom,office, laundry, ironing
That's it for now, pretty good already, uh? LOL Off to take a shower and go to the office!