Chloé’s Ramblings

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good news... and some bad too!

Bad news first: I had the blood test today that confirmed that I'm not pregnant. I already knew it so it wasn't too painful.

Good... well, rather GREAT news is that I'm below 90 kg for the first time in... more than a year! Actually, I passed that line a couple times but only when I was sick with stomach flu... not the most fun and healthiest way to pass that mark, uh? Nope, this time it's my "normal" weight, I didn't do anything special. What's even better is that I was below 90 kg for TWO days in a row, including this morning after a big restaurant dinner yesterday! I feel really excited and proud and energized again. I'm really motivated again to be serious about my diet and exercise and be healthier when we start the IVF procedures in a couple months. Can't wait to "just" be overweight. 3 more kg to lose and I won't be obese anymore! Woohooo!