Chloé’s Ramblings

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly plan

Here we go again... Here's what I want to accomplish this week:
Daily tasks:
  • Morning routine: M T W T F
  • Midday routine (including dishes!!): M T W T F
  • 15 minutes on digi-organizing: M T W T F
  • maintain RSS reader, e-mail inbox, and catch up on TDC and SSD: M T W T F
  • evening routine (including dishes!!): M T W T F
  • go to bed by 11PM max!: M T W T F
Daily specifics:
Monday: call doc for appt + wash and hang up one load of laundry  + pick up kitchen
Tuesday: doc appt @ 5:30 PM
Wednesday: call insurances for PPW + 15 minutes filing I didn't do anything because I was exhausted, but at least I got to bed earlier than usual! 
Thursday: 15 minutes on my "to do someday" pile + pick up house if needed
Friday: menu planning + grocery shopping list