Chloé’s Ramblings

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Positivity Journal 03.02

Here are the good things for today:
  • I met a collegue's baby girl, she's 1 month old. I hold her in my arms for about 1 hour and she was just the sweetest baby. They lost their first daughter a couple years ago at 5 months of pregnancy, and it's making me feel really happy for them (even if we're not very close) to see this precious little baby. And I enjoy having a baby in my arms. Can't wait to have my own!
  • G and I went to see our endocrinologist and even though I found out G's health issues are more severe than what I thought, at least we are both motivated to do something about it. And his issues are not extremely bad either, we have still time to act and make things better! And I found out that I don't have PCOS after all!
  • I felt unsecure and shy about this positivity project, but I got a terrific response and support from my online friends and I feel happy about it! Thanks girls, luv ya!!