Chloé’s Ramblings

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Positivity journal - 03.05 and 03.06

  • 40 years ago, DBF was born. One of the greatest joy of my life started his journey...
  • To celebrate DBF's birthday, we went to eat with friends (she's a collegue of mine and he's DBF's godfather) and had a great time
  • I almost finished the magazine I'm working on and I feel more and more optimistic about being able to get it done on time
  • I had to work and it was an exhausting day, but I got a lot done. I love being productive!
  • DBF and I went grocery shopping together and we bought lots of good stuff. We've been starting to revamp our lifestyle for a more healthy living, and I was really proud of what we got during our shopping trip.
  • We spent the evening with DBF's family (still celebrating his b'day) and it was nice. I also had the surprise to meet friends in the restaurant, and I enjoyed seeing them and their adorable daughter, even just for a couple minutes.