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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Positivity Journal 03.04

Here are the good things I enjoyed today...
  • Despite his natural tendency to avoid making decisions, I managed to get answers from my boss and move forward in my work. I was able to negotiate with him and expose my point of view without getting arrogant (my main problem), to make him make a decision without looking like I was pushing him... Great balance, I'm proud of myself for having the right attitude.
  • I took a nap!
  • I cleaned up the kitchen.
  • I finished DBF's mini album for his birthday tomorrow.


Charla said...

I wanted to tell you...Josh and I started looking into his family tree tonight. We've found out that his dad's family is from the Loraine region (they're German), and a few more generations back were in Switzerland!! I don't know before that, but the one born in 1698 was born in Switzerland! :)