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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Positivity journal - 03.09 to 03.13

  • I finished the town magazine that I was working on for weeks, and I'm happy with the result! It was a hard work and I'm soooooooo glad it's done
  • After a couple more flaws to correct, the town magazine is getting printed and out of my mind.
  • I finally worked decent hours again (like... not 12 of them!)
  • I watched a soccer game (something really rare for me) and the team we supported won!
  • I was able to organize my desk and it helps me feel productive again.
  • I got many little tasks done at work, you know that kind of tasks that you put aside when you have a big something in mind (like a town magazine of 36 pages) and then re-discover when the big task is over.
  • I'm having issues with someone at work, a collegue who is very arrogant and thinks she's everyone's boss, and I was able to talk about it with our actual boss. I didn't got emotional and drama-queen about it, I talked about facts, on a professional level, and this is a big thing for me!
  • It's Friday!
  • I helped a friend from work (preparing the elections)
  • I got an unexpected phonecall at work, since my bosses were unavailable I had to manage it on my own and I got good feedback on my initiative from my bosses later on!
  • I got back to a clean home... I'm so lucky to be able to afford a cleaning lady!
  • I bought a great DVD that will help people in need: each DVD represents 18 meals, 1 million of them are sold each year.
  • I went grocery shopping with DBF and we resisted the junk food temptations
  • I re-discovered the greatest genius of French music of all time, Georges Brassens.


Heather T. said...

Ben bravo, tout plein de belles choses, la!! =)