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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Avatar, here we come!

I just discovered that our favorite theater has Avatar in 3D! I was certain they didn't have the 3D! Good thing I checked, uh? We were planning on going there tomorrow but I can't stay awake until midnight when I'm working on the next morning, so I'll ask DBF if he wants to see it this afternoon.

ETA: we'll see it Friday evening, since I don't work on Saturday!

Have you seen it? Was it in 3D? Did you like it?

On another note, I just ordered an indoor bike... hopefully we'll finally get healthy this year. That's a first step already!


Unknown said...

My DH and son decide to go and see it on 3D this weekend...thay can't wait to see it

NeeNee said...

Awesome! Be sure to post on how you liked it.
Congrats on your new bike!!!!

Sylvia Blum said...

Chloé, I haven't seen the film myself, but my eldest son has seen it (in 3D) and he was all excited. He said it was the best film he has ever seen ... so please post after you have seen the film.. I'm curious what YOU think about :)

SuzyQ said...

Totally saw it in 3D and absolutely LOVED it! The movie is GORGEOUS -- I want to go to Pandora, lol! It's definitely an experience worth having. :) Dh and I walked out of the theater in awe, and *almost* turned right back around to watch it again. :)